From Superintendent/ De Parte del Superintendente: Johan van Nieuwenhuizen

Welcome to the Weld county Re1 school district.

Hello my name is Johan van Nieuwenhuizen and I've had the privilege of being a Valley Viking for the last 7 years, the last 3 years in the leadership role as Superintendent

What I've learned over these many years is that Weld Re1 school district is a great place to learn and work.

Our mission statement reads: We have a total commitment to provide an exemplary and safe education to all our students.  And what that mean is that we want to ensure high levels of student achievement for all students in a safe learning environment.

We work very hard with students and families so that every aspect of education in our community is pursuing excellence.

We want to be exemplary in the teaching and learning cycle in the classrooms, we want to provide an exemplary technology and support services, we want our school board and administration to be exemplary in how we govern, and we want to offer exemplary student athletic and other extracurricular programs.

This is all possible when we have the full support from our parents and community members, and we are very grateful to everyone that contribute to the success of our district.

I know that Weld Re1 is truly a special place and I invite you to explore the resources and information on the website to learn about our school district, and even better, please come to our school events, our sport games, and our concerts, and meet some of these great students and staff that exemplify the excellence we strive to achieve every day.

I look forward to continue our partnership and please don’t hesitate to stop by and visit.