Weld RE-1 School District Hiring Process

The Weld RE-1 School District is committed to hiring the best possible candidate to work in our schools. To that end, Principals and Supervisors review all applications submitted through Frontline Applitracks to find the most qualified and best fit for open positions. A group of applicants is invited to interview with a committee made up of grade level or content team members, administrators, interventionists and paraprofessionals, when appropriate, for a whole picture view of the candidate. For school hires, committee members make recommendations to the Principal with their top choice(s). Principals/Supervisors are responsible for checking references from at least three sources before making their final decision. For non-licensed personnel, all offers are contingent upon a clean background check. The Human Resource Department works with the Principal to determine placement on the salary schedule and implements the on-boarding process once an offer has been accepted.

Salary Schedule Placement

New certified hires are placed on the salary schedule dependent upon their verified years of service up to 18 years. In addition, Weld RE-1 takes into account the degree (BA, MA or Ed.D/Ph.D) and credit hours beyond the latest degree for placement. For example, a teacher with 10 years of service with a Masters plus 26 credit hours would be placed on the salary schedule starting at Step 11 under the Masters +24 column. Official transcripts are required and course certificates are required for verification.

Weld RE-1 is an equal opportunity employer.