Weld County School District RE-1 School Board

The School Board consists of elected officials by the residents of Weld County School District RE-1. When there is a vacancy created by a Director leaving, the Board will appoint a resident to fill the vacancy. In order to be considered for election or appointment, residents must meet the following three requirements:

A resident of the school district and a registered voter, as shown on the books of the county clerk and recorder, for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the election, 18 years or older by the date of the election, and a citizen of the United States

Becoming a board member is an excellent way to become active in the decision-making process of the school district and offers citizens an opportunity to provide expertise in areas of individual interest.

School Board Members

| Name | Title | District | Contact | Term Expires |

| Ben J Rainbolt, Jr. | President | At-Large | rainboltb@wcsdre1.org | November, 2025 |

| Bridget Holcomb | Vice-President | District B | holcombb@wcsdre1.org | November, 2023 |

| Naomi Nguyen | Secretary | District C | nguyenn@wcsdre1.org | November, 2025 |

| Patricia Montoya | Treasurer | At-Large | montoyap@wcsdre1.org | November, 2023 |

| Adam Kosec | Director | District A | koseca@wcsdre1.org | November, 2025 |